Basics to Pre Production

Learning the Preproduction Process

taught by Angel Hickman Peterson
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Course Curriculum

Welcome to Pre Production
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Get to the Point
The point or purpose of the video
The Point to the Video Worksheet
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The Script
Starting with a Script
Angel's Script Sample
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Story Boarding
Learning to Story Board
Storyboard Worksheet
Which shot is which?
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The Shot Sheet
How to Shot Sheet
Shot Sheet Worksheet
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Step Out Pieces
What are Step Out Pieces
Step Out Pieces Worksheet
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Prepping your Equipment
Prepping equipment and final check list
Pre Production Final Check Off List
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The Golden Wedge of TIme
Planning for that golden wedge of time
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Bonus Material
Chapter 2 Pre production
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End of the Course... or is it?
End of the Pre Production Course
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Course description

Preproduction is THE step. This is the step that makes the biggest difference and it's often the step that is the most ignored. Angel will walk you through all the step and items you need to think about to produce a professional video.

Angel will show you:

  • How to think through a production like professional companies do.
  • What kind of script you need
  • How to storyboard that script
  • The different shot types, what they are and what they portray.
  • How to plan a shoot when you are the entire crew
  • How to prep your equipment to be ready to film
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Angel Hickman Peterson
Angel Hickman Peterson
Video Personal Trainer

With a bachelor’s degree in Film Studies from the University of Utah, my professional background is in film, television and ad production. I left the industry when I started a family, but missed working and creating. In 2011 I started a sewing and craft blog. In 2016 I started to help my fellow bloggers with video production.

You can do this!