Why bloggers need video

DIY Video for Bloggers

Why Bloggers Want to Bother with Video | taught by Angel Hickman Peterson
  • 5 Videos
  • 2 Texts
  • 3 PDFs
  • 1 Audio
  • 0.8 hrs

Course Curriculum

Introduction to DIY Video for Bloggers
Why Bloggers Should bother with Video FREE PREVIEW
Why Bloggers Should Bother with Video FREE PREVIEW
How Video Helps Brands Find You FREE PREVIEW
Why Social Media Loves Video FREE PREVIEW
Your First Homework Assignment FREE PREVIEW
advantages worksheet FREE PREVIEW
Introduction Audio Book FREE PREVIEW
DIY Video for Bloggers Introduction eBook FREE PREVIEW
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The Goal of These Courses
What is good clean video? FREE PREVIEW
What is the Goal Here? FREE PREVIEW
End Goal Worksheet FREE PREVIEW
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Course description

Learn why it's worth a bloggers time to learn the basics to video. With the help of videos, printable worksheets and audio files Angel will teach you about why video is worth your time and effort.

  • Learn how Video can bring you traffic
  • Learn how video can get you noticed by brands even if you're a small blog.
  • Learn why the formula for Good Clean Video doesn't Change
  • Learn how video can take places beyond your blog!

The best part? This course is free and a great way to get started on your video making journey.

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Angel Hickman Peterson
Angel Hickman Peterson
Video Personal Trainer

With a bachelor’s degree in Film Studies from the University of Utah, my professional background is in film, television and ad production. I left the industry when I started a family, but missed working and creating. In 2011 I started FleeceFun.com a sewing and craft blog. In 2016 I started DIYVIdeoforbloggers.com to help my fellow bloggers with video production.

You can do this!