DIY Video for Bloggers eBook: The Complete Guide

DIY Video For Bloggers: The Complete eBook

A Step by Step guide to Video Production | taught by Angel Hickman Peterson

Course description

Don't know here to start with creating video. Feeling overwhelmed with what you need to learn? Maybe you've already started and want to know how you can take you videos to the next level.

This is the complete guide to video production with the blogger in mind. This book is jammed packed with tips, tricks and step by step instructions to make your videos look professional and stand out in a saturated market.

Angel will teach you:

  • The Pre Production Process and why it's a must for professional video.
  • What equipment you REALLY need (especially if you're on a tight budget)
  • Proper lighting techniques
  • How to set up a shot
  • How to set up your camera (Phone or DSLR)
  • Tips and tricks on editing to make you video flow.
  • How to distribute your video once it's made!

Angel takes her professional video background and mixes it with her blogger experience to make this book practical for a busy blogger who's looking to take her game up a notch.

What you get:

  • Over 60 pages of content full of helpful pictures and diagrams.
  • A 10 page workbook with helpful checklists and forms to get you organized.
  • Discounts on future video courses on DIY Video for Bloggers.

Angel Hickman Peterson
Angel Hickman Peterson
Video Personal Trainer

With a bachelor’s degree in Film Studies from the University of Utah, my professional background is in film, television and ad production. I left the industry when I started a family, but missed working and creating. In 2011 I started a sewing and craft blog. In 2016 I started to help my fellow bloggers with video production.

You can do this!

Course Curriculum

Hello Awesome Maker!
Chapter 1:
The Goal of this Book FREE PREVIEW
Chapter 2:
Pre Production
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:
Post Production
Chapter 5:
DIY Video workbook
You've read the WHOLE thing... now what?