Course Description

Knowing how to to look (and feel) good on camera is a skill that every blogger should have in their video maker tool kit. This course will teach you the professional insider tips and tricks to be confident on camera.

Angel covers everything from the psychology to the physical to the technical.


  • How to appear cool and confident when on camera
  • How to prep before getting in front of the camera
  • Tricks to wardrobe and makeup to look your best
  • How to stand and look at the camera
  • How to show personality
  • The technical side of self filming
  • How to handle criticism

It's not about being a model or being perfect. It's about knowing the skills to make your on camera work professional and comfortable. Stylistic videos come and go but a friendly face on camera never goes out of style.

Video Personal Trainer

Angel Hickman Peterson

With a bachelor’s degree in Film Studies from the University of Utah, my professional background is in film, television and ad production. I left the industry when I started a family, but missed working and creating. In 2011 I started a sewing and craft blog. In 2016 I started to help my fellow bloggers with video production.You can do this!

Course curriculum

  • 2

    The Big Secret

    • The Big Secret to Being on Camera...

    • Lab: How Do I Do This?

  • 3

    Before You Get in Front of the Lens

    • Why Talent Needs Pre Production

    • How to Rehearse

    • Lab: Bullet Points or Lines?

  • 4

    Looking Good on Camera

    • Introduction to Looking Good On Camera

    • Color Matters

    • Wardrobe Concepts

    • The Makeup Difference

    • Lab: How to Makeup

    • Lab: Screen Test

  • 5

    In Front of the Lens

    • The Eyes Have It

    • Showing Personality on Camera

    • The Importance of Body Language

  • 6

    The Technical Side of Self filming

    • Tricks to Make Editing Easier

    • Lab: Self Filming and Focus

    • Self Filming Checklist

    • Lab: How Lenses Can Change your Features

  • 7

    Tricks to Going Live on Camera

    • Tricks to Going Live On Camera

  • 8

    The After Shocks

    • Dealing with Constructive (and not so constructive) Criticism